Medical tomorrow..questions


So I have my medical tomorrow morning. Have a question I could do with answering.

I know to say no to pretty much everything. Stopped drinking for just over 3 weeks aswell as cutting down before that.

However there’s a question on the questionnaire that says..have you ever been involved in a road traffic accident because of alcohol. Now I did crash the car when I was arrested for drink driving however I wasn’t arrested for dangerous driving, or any mention anywhere of the crash. If I say yes to this is this likely to affect getting my license back ?


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Although I would normally suggest answering truthfully on this occasion Since it's not recorded say NO and move swiftly on with your life having learned by mistakes


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If you say Yes, DVLA might contact your GP for any alcohol related issues in the past 3 years.

I was involved in a minor collision and had got endorsement AC10 - Failing to stop at the scene of the accident.

But the DVLA doctor ticked No to the accident question and not even asked me. DVLA didn't ask any question and got my licence after 7 days of medical.

Hope this helps.


Went for the medical. All went fine. Said no to everything. Had stopped drinking for about 4 weeks , but then had 3 pints over two weeks ago which I told the doctor about. But been drinking plenty of water since. So pretty confident I should all be fine. Already phoned my own doctors to inform them of the situation as they may write to them as I didn’t want any delays. Fingers crossed I’ll hear soon. Will phone dvla in about a week. Then it’s just 46 days till I can carry on and forget this whole mess. Big mistake and a massive and costly lesson learnt.