Medical Soon - Need advice!

I have a medical in a few weeks, so far I have had no alcohol for nearly 6 months, I am a smoker (only Cigarettes), I sometimes eat process/junk food, not overweight. I am thinking I can pass the CDT test, but I am worried about the medical questionnaire - there is one question -

'In the last 3 years have you seen a hospital doctor or GP about any alcohol related problems'?

I did go because I stopped drinking for prior for 18 months and got back into the habit - then saw a doctor for one session at the end of 2016. He gave me a prescription it has helped. I did mention my driving ban and asked him if DVLA contacts him will this be mentioned - he said they cannot supply information unless it goes to court (patient confidentiality).

On the forum over the years I have seen people mentioning that they have not said 'yes' to this and got their license back - I'm really frustrated, confused, frightened, worried, scared. ...arragggh..
If anyone can help or advise..will appreciate it. :)
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