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Medical questionnaire number 2 sent to GP after medical

I finished a 3 year ban after just exceeding the 2.5 times limit, on application I was told I had to do the medical. After weeks and weeks of hearing nothing I called dvla to see what was taking so long. They informed me they needed a questionnaire completed by my GP which was done. After another several weeks past by with not a word, called dvla yet again who informed me they needed a 2nd questionnaire from my Gp.

Does anyone know what they need to know? After well over 6 months since my ban finished I am getting so fed up waiting to know what's happening and dvla refuse to give any details

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Yes your doctor probably told them something from many years ago, perhaps the fact that you once mentioned to your doctor that you had smoked a cannabis joint, and DVLA now want to know the nitty grissy of your entire medical history from the day you were born.

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Added to the above thread, Under the new legislation regarding driving under section 88 that comes in on 1st June 2013. A lot of people in the future are also going to get there ban exceeded by 6, 9, or even longer months or YEARS while DVLA take as long as they like to consider your application. The current backlog is 3 months before a senior decision maker even looks at the application and that is normally after 3 months of enquiries, so expect a 6 month wait. If they need to write to your doctor a 2nd time then expect a 9 month wait, like happens to me every 18 months. Then they might give you a 12 month licence. If the application goes over 12 months before a decision, you have to send a new application in and start all over again, right from the start. So basically a complicated case may now result in a LIFE ban, even if the courts only banned you for 12 months.

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I am editing this post to add, The above time scales are considering your GP replies the day after receiving a questionnaire from DVLA. Most doctors surgeries take at least a month, mine take 6 weeks before they get round to sending a reply. So add another month or 6 weeks to the times. Multiply this to 12 weeks if your GP needs to be contacted twice.
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