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I am wanting to get myself ready for when I have my medical in the future (2022). I am not alcohol dependant and have never been to my GP regarding this. I vaguely recall when I was seeing my GP about another matter a few years ago her asking how many units I drank in a typical week and her saying it was probably a little too much. I now very rarely drink. My question is what you recommend i need to do to get ready for my medical? Do I need to see my GP on a regular basis? I do have a history of anxiety which is controlled.
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Contact your GP and ask if anything is on your medical file or you can request your records your self. Lizzie a lot of others wish they had done this option a long time before applying for a licence as it knocks people back years some times.Can see you have been reading up on things.


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Hi if DVLA decide to write out to your GP once you have applied for your licence then topchippyles is correct, you need to assume that this will be the case and regular contact with your GP is a must, usually DVLA use a medical form DD2 for your GP to complete regarding alcohol issues and an M2 for your mental health issues, both these forms then will have a six week window when they are with your GP......