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Lost Conviction Letters!

The Nesh

New member
Hi all,

I have been to court on the 18th January 2016 and recieved an 18 month ban from driving. I am currently looking to book the rehabilitation course as my deadline is January 2017.

After searching for days for all my letters I cannot find any of them. Im pretty sure I said in court I wanted to go with IAM Driver Rehabilitation, based in Shrewsbury, but I have now decided I want to go with the Telford branch as it is closer.

I cant remember recieving a letter from IAM after my court date and due to losing court letters I dont have any reference numbers or anything to quote. What I am asking the people of this forum is where do I go from here? Can I phone IAM directly and they will contact the courts to get my information or should I phone up the court?

I cant seem to apply for a course without a code which was apparently on the letter sent to me (pretty sure I wasnt sent letter, or lost in post) so am pretty stuck.

Thanks in advance for your help,


TTC Group
You should ring IAM direct ASAP to see if they have your details. The court would have told you that if you do not hear from your provider within 2 weeks to contact them to make sure your details have been received. They will then either tell you what courses are available, or, if the court have not contacted them, contact the court on your behalf to get them to send details through. You can chose any provider to actually do the course but as you nominated iAM you will have to start by contacting them to make sure there has been a referral from the court.
The course will have to be completed by a set time, not the end of your (reduced) ban, so if you are a 'high risk offender' this may well be 3rd January, or 3rd February if you are not. As the course is run on 3 days, over at least 2 weeks, you have not left yourself much time!