Lost a child due to drunk driver


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I sincerely hope they throw the book at people who are caught drunk driving twice and they get sent to prison.

I've read through these forums and it seems that a lot of people have made a non fatal mistake - we are all human. Thankfully they didn't harm anyone and we hope they have learnt their lesson.

Some people however have not learnt and should therefore be severely punished so that they do learn. They need to realise that we don't allow people to operate cars when they are drunk for a reason - they can and will destroy people's lives through their selfish actions.

I have lost a child to a drink driver. I trust that our Courts will deal with anyone who is convicted of drink driving more than once severely. Some of us are left serving a life sentence because of people who get behind the wheel intoxicated.
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I'm going to deal with this sensitively as I understand this issue you raised in your post.

I agree with you that once is a mistake, twice is a bit silly.

In my circumstances I was doing it so often that it wasn't a matter of 'If' I got caught but 'when'. Now that I have been caught I know in my heart I will never do such a thing again.

Now, I am going to defend 'us' because we are a statistic. As you say we are all human. And alcohol does make us do silly things. It lessens our thoughts and you don't think of consenquences when drunk.

Believe me the punishment we get after being caught drink driving is more than enough. We all go through possibly 5+ years of inconvenience so I disgaree that the key should be 'thrown away.' That should be reserved for the paedophiles and molesters of this country. I do not want to be in the same bracket as them.

However, I understand what you say that you are serving a life sentence due to the loss of your child and because of that I apologise. If you read the forum, most on here sincerely regret there mistake.



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I never said the 'key should be thrown away' for drink drivers.

I in fact said 'I sincerely hope they throw the book at people who are caught drunk driving twice and they get sent to prison.'

I stand by that and I do feel that being caught for drink driving more that once is a bit more serious than being 'a bit silly' as you say.


It is a very serious issue...many among us lost their loved once due to drunk driving. The number is keep on increasing everyday. Strict laws and general awareness campaign should be run so that people will realize how big are the consequences of driving after drinking.


You forgot to mention all the people who die because someone chatting on their phone, or people who fall asleep at the wheel or driving with bald tyres.