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Hi I was looking for some advice regarding my licence being revoked.

I ran a red light and crashed into another car. I was given 6 points which resulted in me losing my licence as I had been driving 3 days short of 2 years. I appealed the revocation and have a court date for the 17th June 2020. I'm appealing on the basis that I am a carer for my disabled mother who is in a wheelchair and it will be difficult for me to care for her properly without access to a vehicle.

A few days ago I was arrested while driving. I was arrested for driving while disqualified but later de-arrested as I wasn’t disqualified, my licence was revoked. I'm currently waiting for a summons regarding this in the post.

The police officer who dealt with me said I could have applied for a ‘special circumstances hearing’ because I’m a carer. And while they reviewed it I would have been aloud to continue to drive.

Im looking to find out if I can apply for this special circumstances hearing now and how I would go about doing that?

Martin Hammond

Good evening.

Firstly, I'm not sure the advice the officer has given you is entirely correct.

Either way at the hearing you have coming up,.which I am assuming because the sentence was passed your absence, they will decide if the 6 points they have given you should stand. Your circumstances will make a difference at this hearing but this will not be a special reasons hearing as that only applies when you are to be disqualified. I have to tell you the fact that you continued driving will be held against you and you will at some future point receive a summons to Court for driving without a licence and possibly no insurance.

I hope things go your way on the 17th.

Good luck
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