long Process 😩😩😩😩 help any one been through this


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Drink drive ban In 2014 , left it for 5 yrs before applying for license , it’s been 2 months had medical called Dvla today they say there writing to gp!!
No worries there I’ve not drank since 22-3-14. Blood results must have been fine even though Dvla won’t tell me over phone ,I did tell medical doctors I had detox in 2014 and been sober since
Anyone else in recovery got license back

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DVLA usually write to your GP when the CDT result ,is in the ‘grey’ area result or 2.3 to 2.9.
They do, however, occasionally make checks with your GP when your reading is in the ‘green’ with a result of 2.2 or less. This could be because your reading was very high when you were convicted? If it was, then they may want to have an up to date report from your GP.
Usually they almost always write to gp if you were a hro so if you blew over 87.5. I blew 91 and they wrote to my gp but it was just procedure, then I had a medical which I knew Id pass cause hadn't drunk for 7 months then got my licence back about 6 weeks later. If you haven't drunk for over 5 years and haven't seen a doctor for anything alcohol related then I'd stop worrying