Light at the end of the tunnel


Grgi4dxniel, glad my recap of my experience helped you but tell your parents as the longer you bottle it up the worse you will feel and I'm sure your parents have like all of us made stupid mistakes over the years also you will need their support and if they are decent people as most people are then they will be great but as you say a little disappointed as were mine but that will pass my friend and as I say the ban isn't forever although I have no idea how it effects your uni stuff but I'm guessing your still young so things will work out in the end....get the court date out of the way and battle through it... Good luck.
Thank you! I’m mustering up the courage to tell them and probably will in the next few days! You’re right though, they’ll get over it. Just gunna have to power through, it’s done now! Managed to tell my boss yesterday so that’s a step in the right direction! Thanks for sharing your experience anyway, hope you enjoy being back on the road :D x