License update required?


Hi, my photocard license is due to expire in August. I’m due in court next week for drink driving so know my license will be taken away - is it worth updating before or when I get it back? If I’m waiting for the updated photocard to come through, will this delay the ban starting until they can take the license? Or if I don’t update it, Will this delay my reapplication for the license once I am able to?

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It won't delay the ban starting and dependent on the length of the ban you may have to apply for an updated licence in any event. If you give me some more information regarding the offence for which you will be banned I can advise in more detail. It may be worth waiting.

Hi Sean,

It’s a drink drive charge. I blew 47 so I know I’m facing a ban of between 12-18 months. As my license expires in August (trial is in July) it will need updating anyway, I’m just wondering whether to do it before or after the ban.
If banned you will need to reapply for your licence after the period of ban in any event. The court may require you to surrender your licence upon conviction and it will automatically be revoked at the same time as you being banned. There is no merit in reapplying for your licence until you need to apply for return following your ban.