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i had my licence revoked in 2011 for alcohol misuse it was reinstated for 1 year in 20
12 i want to apply for my car class2 and pvc licence.
The problem i have is i claim employment support
allowence wich requires a sick note.
My doctor always puts on the sick note alcohol dependent he as never questioned me abou
t this i phone the surgery for my sick note and pick it up the following day.
I have controlled drinking for over a year but will dvla just look at my sick not
es on file and refuse my licence with out taking into consideration blood tests and my medical
thank you.
Dear Garry
There are two separate aspects to this.
The DVLA are the authority who decide whether to reissue you with an ordinary driving licence that enables you to drive a car. Once this has been reissued you must then apply to the Traffic Commissioner to regain your vocational driving entitlement, that is your PSV or HGV entitlements.

England, Scotland and Wales are divided into 7 different Traffic Areas, each one led by the regional Traffic Commissioner. You should apply to the Traffic Commissioner for your lcoal region. A list of the different regions and their office addresses can be found here .

If the Traffic Commissioner has doubts about whether to reinstate your vocational driving entitlements then he/she can invite you to a Driver Conduct Hearing when you are entitled to legal representation and can produce evidence in support of your application, including medical evidence.

If you are still alcohol dependent then this is a factor which may result in a refusal of your vocational entitlement. If this is incorrect then you should consult your GP and discuss this with him/her. You could also obtain independent medical evidence from a practitioner who could carry out tests to confirm this one way or the other.

You will need to take advice from a specialist Road Transport Solicitor before making your application.

A similar question was asked in an earlier post which I answered here.
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