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Length of ban

Hi. I am probably missing something here but I was banned on 25th July 2016. I got 24 months with 25% off for the course which I completed. I called DVLA and the info they have from the court is that my ban length is now 1 year 6 months and 13 days? Where did the 13 days come from? I've called the court a few times but can never get through!


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How long was the course? Maybe something administrative happening there, dates paperwork were received upon completion of course but they would usually backdate it. It’s really don’t beyond them to make mistakes &’not have a clue themselves sometimes.
Courts now often give one week reduction per month, so for your 24 month ban, it would be 24 weeks, not 6 months reduction. That makes about 5 1/2 months reduction, which is what you have got.
the only fixed reduction is 3 months on a 12 month ban, after that, it is “up to a 25% reduction”.
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