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Police pulled up on me when I had ketamine in my system and I was sat with the engine on in my car to have the heating running, they drug swabbed and said their was cocaine in my system and they arrested me done a blood sample. The sample came back that I was over the limit on ketamine. What will I get for being caught with over the legal limit of ketamine in my system whilst sat there not driving. My courts in 3 weeks and I have a baby coming in 11 weeks and I can’t afford to lose my driving license as that will result in losing my job and I will have no way to support my baby.
Well, it is a very high reading but as you were not driving the sentence should be reduced on that basis.

Given the fact it is a high reading they will look to disqualify you but it should be for less that 12 months I would hope. A good lawyer would be aiming for points instead of a ban but you certainly have no guarantee of this given the high reading.

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