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Convicted Driver Insurance
Hi there, I was banned from driving for 12 months for "failing to provide a specimen for analysis" (getting reduced to 9 months with the Rehab Course) and have kept my car on driveway since ban was imposed upon me.

I just wondered, is it illegal for me to keep my insurance policy going?
I have not informed my insurance company about my disqualification (as of yet), and just wondered if I never told them and then once my ban was up and started driving again once I got my licence back, would they ever find out about the fact that I was once disqualified and would they be able to take any legal action against me? I understand if I had an accident they would not pay out and the insurance would be null and they'd probably not want me as a customer anymore - but is that the worse that would happen and if I never had an accident and never had to make a claim, would they ever find out???

Anyone in the same boat? I think a ban, a fine, paying for the rehab course and having to take a medical is punishment enough, without having to pay sky-high insurance just because of a silly mistake.


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Any insurance company will ask if you hold a full licence to purchase insurance. If you don't tell them about your ban when you get back on the road your insurance will be void and you are effectively driving with no insurance, itself an endorsable offence. If I were you I would notify the insurance company, your no claims bonus will last for two years so you don't need to worry about losing that.


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I kept my insurance going after ringing my insurance company and telling them about my ban to find out what the situation was. You don't need to have your licence to insure a car, you just can't be insured to drive it.

I am the policyholder but the policy specifically states that I can't drive the car. I have a couple of family members on the policy as named drivers, partly in case they need to borrow the car and partly so that the car will get a run out now and then while I'm not using it.

You must tell the insurance company about your ban though. If you don't it might come up if you have to claim, even if it's because someone stole it from your drive and you didn't put a foot wrong.

Insurance companies tend to look into everything when there's a claim in case there's a nice easy way for them to avoid paying out a claim. If you're insured as a named driver and you've been banned, they'll probably see that as a good reason to invalidate your insurance.

As for after your ban's over, I agree with neverwillagain that if you answer "no" to the question "have you had any convictions in the last 5 years", or if you fail to tell them about the conviction when you renew, your insurance policy won't be worth the paper it's written on and the courts will come down on you like a ton of bricks.

Better just to take the hit and pay the higher insurance, IMHO.
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