Katie Price


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The lier the cheater and now faced with a 2 year ban for not disclosing the driver that evening of the crash,
For those not following she's found backseat of her car over limit (breathalysed) but claimed the driver run away!
@ first it seemed she got away Scot free! However they charged her with undisclosure which is great and the ban 2 years ! Get it up ya Pricey!

However although am not sure but I think she will have dodged the criminal record part(hopefully not) please someone say it's criminal or else she did dodge the bullet!! I would of doubled my driving sentence to be free from criminal record

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As I understand it, a previous conviction of driving whilst disqualified is a recordable offence, so I suspect she does have a criminal record anyway.


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I'm unsure if driving whilst disqualified leads to a criminal record does it?!

Although logically it should, but it wouldn't surprise me...