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Anyone know/experienced any difficulty in having an unspent drink/drug driving conviction? I understand it becomes spent after 5 years so you legally do not have to disclose this to jobs/insurances that require no/only basic DBS checks, but 5 years can feel like a long time if unemployed I imagine. I’ve heard stories of people not even telling their employer (assuming this employer doesn’t conduct any sort of DBS checks) but I can’t imagine that ending well and im sure can be seen as a criminal offence itself. I appreciate this is a very wide and subjective question as everyone will be different in terms of qualifications, nature of offence etc but just wanted some general thoughts/experiences. Personally, I aimed to pursue a career in the Biological sciences field (they tend not to ask for DBS checks, unless for the NHS based in hospitals). Thanks guys.


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My understanding is it not a criminal offence to not offer the information to your employer but you must if it is in your contract or you are directly asked. I actually told my employer yesterday as I needed to sign a new contract which did indeed ask whether I have any criminal convictions. They were absolutely brilliant and understanding.

I have spent the past 2 years stressing about how they would react, sleepless nights and worrying myself sick. What a relief it is and I’d encourage anyone to just be up front and honest with their employer. Now I can truly put it behind me and it feels like a massive weight off of my shoulders.

I think in most fields employers are understanding and are more concerned with your character and remorse.
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