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Is dvla medical required every time

I was high risk offender and convicted twice. Now my one year license is expiring soon, will I have to take a dvla medical again?

DVLA have only sent a a questionnaire

thanks in advance


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Is the drug test carried out whilst there?


I am due to have a dvla medical on the 25/4, I understand I have to do a urine sample. Do they test it immediately? also what method do they use to test. can anyone help?
If you were convicted of drink driving A blood sample will be taken, but that is only tested for CDT which is an indicator of alcohol dependence, the only time a drugs urine sample would be required is if your conviction was for drug driving, or there was something in your answers that indicated that a drugs test was necessary.
Whatever sample is taken, it is not tested on the spot, the doctor sends it to an independent laboratory for analysis, with the results then going to DVLA.
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