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This section of the forum is for people to help and support other people who have suffered any personal injury or loss due to drink driving. We understand that people who post here will not be particulary supportive and forgiving of those who drink and drive. All we ask is that all members who post in this section do so in a supportive manner.


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It is not me personally what has been prosecuted for dd it is my partner well in reality he has been prosecuted for failing to provide a specimen of which he recieved an 18 month ban (hopefully reduced by 5 month with dd course) 60 hours community and 85 court costs , which after reading a lot of posts on here is quite lenient after one of the readings they did manage to get was 106. i am just posting to say how it doesnt just affect the person who was prosecuted its the whole family. my partner had to pack his job in even though his employer said he could carry on working if he could get to work which unfortunatley for him is 125 miles away in which he worked away all week. we have now had to set our own business up which i have to have a traders policy and drive my partner around in various work vechiles and attend auctions and doing lots of running about as well as doing the things i did pre the event household duties kids runs and a college course . i have not posted on here for a moan or a woe is me i just cant believe how much our lives have changed and out of a stupid 1/4 of a mile drive which would have taken all of ten minutes to walk. we are on week two and i am exhausted i think next year will go very slow . roll on xmas 2012 .



Last weekend I drove my car knowing I was ok to drive after only having two small glasses of wine at a party. Id had a strong painkiller(tramadol) from a friends partner as I was suffering from a headache which was making me feel sick. A friend travelled with me in the car as she too also knew Id only had two drinks, shes says after my second drink(which was bought for us by a stranger) and she hadnt drunk hers as she said it tasted funny. I started o act weird and out of character like i wasnt really there. Anyways we literally drove around the corner, the car swerved and the police appeared from nowhere and pulled us over. I cant remember a lot of what happened at the roadside but I was taken to he police station and was asked to provide a breath sample, I was unable to provide a reading as I was having a panic attack and struggling to breath( I asked to see a doctor but I was refused my request) I tried to explain that I have to do the peak flow test to check my lung capacity as part of my job and that I struggle with this too, but my protests fell on deaf ears. Anyway I was then told that as I couldnt provide a breath sample I had to give a urine sample( at this point Id not had any fluids for at least 3 hours) I couldnt go and I was told i had 4 seconds to have a wee or I would be charged. Needless to say I couldnt go, I was hyperventilating and in tears at this point, so then I got put in a cell kept in overnight and released the next morning, charged with failing to provide a specimen at the roadside and failing to provide urine at the station. Ive got to go to court in 6 weeks time. Im worried sick, cant eat or sleep and so stressed out. If anyone can give me any advice I would be grateful. Ive never been in trouble before.


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Hi I am new. Had a very bad experience this weekend. Had a fight with my abuse now glad to say ex partner and he threw me out of the house in my pj’s at 4am. I had far too much to drink and ashamed to say I got in my car.
I was caught after I hit a kerb badly doing massive damage to my car and a neighbour heard the commotion. So now I am in court on 16th October. I blew 79.
Can anyone give me some words of advice, support, wisdom as to what I can expect as I am seriously scared and freaking out completely about it.
I know I am stupid and am so ashamed of myself. I can’t believe that this has happened.
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