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Insurance query - keeping car insurance running during ban ?

I am considering keeping my car (a naff old peugeot 206 diesel worth about £200) on the road and insured - my parents are already both named drivers on my policy.

What i am wondering is, if i continue to insure my car for the year that I am banned, and my parents use it now and again as a spare car, would I be able to do this and receive another years no claims bonus for the time i get my license back? Or can i not insure a car without a licence?

Would the cost of a years insurance outweigh the lack of an extra years NCB?

22 year old male, 5 years NCB and no prior convictions. Will have DR10 & IN10 upon license return.

Thanks in advance.


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can i not insure a car without a licence?
In my case I could keep the car insured, and I was in a worse position than yourself because I was the only insured driver for that car. Luckily I have a supportive family and a wife eager to learn how to drive, so on the day we got back from the court we found her provisional licence in our letterbox and we have added her as an additional driver plus one of her uncles who has a full, clean UK licence.

However if you read many other posts in this forum, you will see that there are insurances that just cancel policies as soon as you tell them about a conviction, or that anyway don't accept a policyholder which is disqualified from driving.

Since a policy cancellation initiated by an insurance is a further "stain" on your history beyond the convictions alone, someone prefers to start by canceling first their insurance and look immediately for another one.

I had regarded such a drastic measure a bit excessive and my decision to talk first to my current insurance proved to be much better than canceling my contract. So far I only had to pay £12 for administrative charges (renewal isn't due until November).

If you are actually close to the renewal date, you might also take the opportunity to have one of your parents become the policyholder with you as the main driver (although clearly you won't drive for at least 9 months) if the insurance allows for this arrangement. This should still work towards preserving your NCB, and it might allow you to make the most out of your insurance. With my current contract, for instance, I won't be covered for legal expenses even though it's a relatively minor concern.

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I know this thread is older now, but I will add something. When you're disqualified, you're no longer a licence holder. This means that you have a fraudulent insurance policy from the date you lost you licence. Something you might want to remember.


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I know this thread is older now, but I will add something. When you're disqualified, you're no longer a licence holder.
That's not the case if you have a EU licence. It's still valid everywhere except the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Anyway, in my case, as I wrote in the message prior to yours in this thread, I had added my wife with her provisional licence and her uncle with his full UK licence as the only two drivers. I remained just as the insurance policy holder as car owner (for instance, my wife is insured as long as she's not driving against my will).

In the meantime, as I wrote elsewhere on this website, my wife passed her test and I have also renewed the policy paying more or less the same price quoted by the cheapest insurance contacted during my DD training (i.e. about £300 more than last year but there's also my wife with her brand new licence; I'm not sure if that helps or not, she's over 30 anyway so she doesn't incur in the premiums for 20-somethings; at my DD course there was a young man that was quoted an outrageous amount in our "exercise" with insurance companies).

I'm now about 3 weeks away from being able again to drive in the UK with my EU licence that has always remained in my wallet. We'll see what happens with Brexit but anyway it will expire in 2020 and then I'll have to convert it into a UK licence if I'll still be living here.

Thanks and Happy New Year!
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