Insurance is £700 cheaper with a DR10 conviction??

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My insurance quote research suggests my new insurance will rise by 40 odd percent which I feel isn't that unfair in the circumstances. There cannot be any viable or feasible reasoning that insurance will not go up by a significant percentage given the severity of a drink driving conviction in relation to driving.


I am a 22 year old male just finished a 2 year ban with a reading of 94mg. Before my ban I was paying £2000 a year for a 1.4litre corsa. Now with the dr10 my quotes are coming out at £1100 for a similar car.


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The drink drive conviction will have increased your premium. You have to look at what else has changed though..... before you were caught drink driving, you had insurance on a 1.4 Corsa as a 19-20 year old, with limited driving experience.
Now you are having insurance as a 22 year old with, perhaps, 4 years driving experience. (it still counts as experience, strangely, even though you were banned) With a 2 year ban, they will probably recognise your previous insurance for no claims purposes,
If you have used a comparison website, try putting in the details that you had before your ban, (age, experience, car type etc) then add a DR 10 with a 2 year ban and see what happens then to your quote. Or put it the other way.... take out the DR10 from your current quote and see what it falls to. That will give you a measure of what the conviction is costing you.


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Would you care to share the names of these insurance companies you and your friend(s) use that offer no increase to premuims (within the first 5 years) after a DR10 drink driving conviction?

As this is a drink driving website such information would be priceless to many visitors. They could also be linked to the 'convicted driver insurance' section.

I would also be interested to do some comparison quotes with them.

Hi folks, i'm with ig04 (currently banned but adjusted the policy so i can still park my on the road with no entitlement to drive as i've been banned for 9 months) and this year i paid 654. This is higher than it could have been as it's paid on monthly instalments and i never did a comparison last year and took a £60 increase because I was too lazy.

Doing a speculative insurance quote with comparethemarket for insurance beginning a fortnight after my ban ends (9/10/17) the cheapest is tesco at £539. My insurance has in fact gone down with a D30. It probably wouldnt have worked out cheaper if i had the cheapest possible policy thus last year.

The cheapest my insurance ever was was with tesco in 2015, at £490. This was when i used to pay the policy in one go rather than monthly.

I'm 27, male, no points, 6 years NC, city postcode, drive 9000 miles a year and own a 2010 1.4 astra.


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I don’t think it has gone down because of the DR10,try amending your details in comparethemarket to take OUT the DR10 and you will see that it is less that it is WITH the Dr10.....


I’ve just put all my details in with DR10 etc and only gone up £75 from what I was paying 18months ago, quite happy tbh
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