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Hi all,

Quick question - I live in Northern Ireland and was convicted in 2014 of drink driving with a 1 year ban. I completed this, and as you are aware in Northern Ireland it means you have to retake your driving test again.

I insured myself on my car as a provisional driver to retake my test again, and when I passed I simply rang the insurance and told them I passed and my cover was updated. Now, nearly a year down the line, time for renewal. I was looking at my licence, and my licence states that, yes it's valid from the date it was printed, but the entitlement sections and valid from, shows when I originally passed my test, 4 years prior. Now I'm worried that, should I be telling insurance companies I have held I licence for 5 years as that is what my licence states? Or would it be only 1, as I was disqualified?? I just want to clarify and confirm what the general consensus is before ringing any companies.

Many thanks in advance
For insurance purposes, you declare how long you have been driving since you first passed your test. Subsequent retests, or time off the road disqualified do not come into it.
Hi. I have been an avid reader of this forum for the past few months taking hints and hopefully learning from others experiences and will post my own hopefully helpful story after my medical week after next but this thread has got me buzzing.I assumed I was back to square one with regard Insurance as a 'new driver'. I passed my test in 1989 am I really able to quote that? Price please confirm this for me.
Maggi, pleased to help.
the question that you are normally asked is "how long have you held a licence to drive?"
this does not mean "not including when you have been disqualified."
for example, here is a direct quote from the Aviva insurance FAQ page that shows it runs from when you got your provisional licence, not your full one:

You asked: Do you want to know how long I have held a full driving licence?
When we ask how long you or any additional drivers have held a driving license this includes the time you have held your provisional license
We only need to know the specific number of years if the driver has held a license for less than nine years.

I should add that 'no claims' bonus is normally only carried forward for 2 years, a few companies will allow 3 but none will carry it forward for longer than that.
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Price you are a STAR. It's now 5 years since my ban so I know it's not taken into account but I firmly believed I would again be classified as a new driver and the potential insurance quotes are were still scary. Thank You So MUCH:D
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