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I was involved in accident 3 months ago while driving to work, a third party jumped a red light and I hit there rear end while going through my light on green.
Police were driving past, stopped and mwhen speaking to me said they could smell alcohol on my breath, subsequent breathalyser was failed and I was arrested and received ban in January.
The third party was at fault but my insurance company, ( not admiral or admiral group) said they would not fight the claim as I failed breathalyser.
I have now received letter from them asking to sign indemnity agreement agreeing to admit full responsibity for accident and to pay back there full outlay from the incident.
I was not at fault and was not charged with any wrong doing apart from being over the limit, do I have to sign this for and accept liability, there is nothing in my insurance terms and conditions saying they can recoup costs in this way.
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