In Charge of Vehicle while under the influence of Drugs

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I have recently been caught of being under the influence of Cannabis whilst stationary in an underground car park.

I was visiting my friend who then had the brilliant idea to bring out a joint, we sat in my car after with the windows down and music playing quietly.

Unbeknownst to me about this law, a police officer caught us. The keys were in the ignition at the time so they tested me and it came up positive.

I had no intention of driving home as I live a 5 minute walk away; never been convicted of anything, not even a speeding fine.

What advice would you give in this instance?

I have dug around and I dont think the road was a public road as it is not services by the council but only used as resident parking for the flats above.

I have been seriously depressed since the incident, even been prescribed anti depressants in the fear of losing my license and my job.

Much appreciated 👍
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