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I got caught.. Scared of loosing job...


New member

Last week I went out and I had a few drinks with my mates.. My friend drove to the venue in east london and decided to get smashed. Predictably he could drive and as we were on the other side of London, no one had any money to get cab or even a bus. Thats POOR STUDENTS for you. Anyway I decided to take the keys as I hadnt not had drink for a few hours and I downed a pint of water before we left the club.
Anyway, predictably we got caught and I was done for Drink Driving. My reading was 50 however I wasnt in a crash or driving dangerously. I assume it was a random stop. they must of seen my drunk mates in the back of the car. I have never been arrested before. This was so out of character for me to do this type of thing.
At the moment I am so scared of loosing my job. Im a freelance teacher children in sport and music production to Young Offenders. I would be so gutted If I cant work again.

Can anyone offer me any advice on how to deal with this in court. I dont care If i never drive again. I just care about my carreer at the moment..

Hi Nicky,

Further to your discussions with my colleague, Julie Robertson, I can advise that if you are convicted of this offence you will be disqualified for a period of between 12 - 16 months. It is important that you are aware that an excess alcohol conviction is a criminal one and, as such, it is discloseable via CRB checks.

Should you require our further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. We are specialist motor defence lawyers who represent motorists nationwide.