Convicted Driver Insurance Quotes

I blew 101 mg, here's what I got in case you blew similar

Hi obviously I've been worried about this and I'm sure you are too if you're going through the process. Just got back from court, here's what happened. I have no previous by the way.

I blew over 100 at 101mg, that's very high, almost three times over the limit and that made me high risk.

I got 28 months driving ban reduced to, I think around 19 months with the course.
60 hours community service
No fine or costs. (yay!)

My lawyer kept mentioning jail or a curfew. Lucky I received none of these.

Actually I feel a huge weight has been lifted, once you've lost your license you don't have to worry about any of the stresses drivings brings. Insurance, tax, MOT, petrol prices.

Chin up, if life throws you a **** sandwich you just have to munch it down.

If you want to know anything, just ask.
Just a quick addition to this, I forgot to mention I crashed into another car, that's how I was caught.

Just done first day of community service today, in a charity shop, quite enjoyable actually.
I blew 101 too. 2 years ban reduced to 18 months with the course. 30h community service, no fine or points just court costs, 100 pounds I think.
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