HRO system is a disgrace


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I am an HRO despite having been driving for 38 years without ever having an accident or made an insurance claim. The HRO system is a bloody disgrace. I left the UK ten years with its vicious zero tolerance.

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You're a HRO because you blew over 87.5 on a breath test while drink driving, the amount of time that you've drove claim free makes no difference. Your reading was so high that you have been deemed a high risk to other road users.

As someone who has just recently been through the HRO process, the system isn't a disgrace. It's in place to keep people who consume dangerous amounts of alcohol off the road. If you aren't a daily drinker or a binger and you have nothing to hide then you will have no problem with the medical.


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Although, I think it is harsh - it is the law.

Only reason why I say it is harsh, is that it's down to luck; For example we are both same height weight etc etc and both go out to drink and drink the same high number of drinks, we depart from our drinking pit, you get caught immediately - reading is 100mg = HRO. I drive home 'safely' nap but then decide to go out to get some food 5 or so hrs later, this time I get caught but blow 45.

The only thing here that distinguishes myself from you is that I was lucky in all sense; not to get caught, not to cause injury/damage, not to be classified as HRO - whilst at the time of driving home from the pub I'd have been HRO. It's a difficult law to manage

But I still hold that simply because it's an arrestable offence doesn't make it right to punish every first offender with a lifetime criminal record.
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So where are you living now? The U.K. has the highest reading allowed in breath in Europe before you are prosecuted, so elsewhere in Europe you would face being convicted there where you would not be here.
If you didn’t drink and drive, why would you “ leave the UK with its vicious zero tolerance” because you would have nothing to fear from it........


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In a way it's a bit like saying I have never killed anyone in 40 years, so let me off for running someone over. A bit of a stretch, perhaps, but you get my point.

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