DVLA Coronavirus (COVID-19) update: DVLA are now processing paper applications, however these will take longer to process as the DVLA are working with reduced staff to meet social distancing requirements. If your application requires medical information or examinations there are likely to be delays also.
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HRO process of reapplying


Well-known member
Hey guys,
I’ve applied for my license after a DR10 disqualification. I expected a letter from the dvla relating to the CDT blood test medical but they actually sent me an M1 form to complete...
Ive been prescribed antidepressants but I’ve never been allocated an actual mental health consultant and no GP or healthcare practitioner has ever diagnosed my mental health either.....I’ve had multiple life threatening illnesses and 2 pregnancy losses hence why I’m on antidepressants.
so what I’m thinking of doing is including a letter explaining what exactly my health conditions are and explain that I’ve never been diagnosed by a mental health doctor?!!! So stressed


Well-known member
You need to fill out the form and send it back, there will be an M1 already sent to your GP for him to complete regarding your medication and weather he thinks your fit to drive on the medication you are taking, if you've not seen your GP recently NOW would be a good time to discuss your medical conditions as this form can lead to a refusal, there are also drink related questions on the form to find out if you have any current or past alcohol issues, any letter or confirmation openly from yourself would lead to more medical forms and further investigation,,,, this is exactly why they contact your GP ...for medical information...


Well-known member
Well I’ve had a pulmonary embolism on 6 different occasions and all consultants I’ve seen can’t find any underlying reasons, as well as the 2 pregnancy losses so this will be interesting to see how this pans out