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HRO Insurance after ban is over


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Hi All

First of apologies if I have in the wrong forum.

I was banned for 16 months, but got reduced to 13 with the course.

I have had to do medical and community service, I now have a month left before my ban is over and whilst the people around me are chuffed that my ban is going to be over, I am actually worried about how much the insurance is going to be for me, although their was no collision or accident that happened at the time of me getting stopped. I have heard that some insurance even fail to insure anyone who is seen as HRO.

I just want to see if anyone has gone through this and by how much did their insurance go up by.

Any help would be good thanks


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Try 1st central they offered me best deal although it was via go compare They never changed the quote which was AMAZING I had an NAF 1200 PNDS SP50 dr10
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