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I posted on here last year re home insurance advice. At the time Hastings insurance said that DD was not on their list of criminal convictions so didn’t affect my new insurance cover. I have received a letter from them last week as my renewal is now due and it says that they have checked their list of insurers they use and cannot get me cover- it doesn’t say why...they said they will send me renewal notice which will show my no claims etc for me to use with other insurers.
Not sure where to go now and wondered if any of you have got cover with a DR10 on your home and buildings insurance? Who with etc?
I get my licence back on 11th Dec so also need to start to look for car insurance too. I am a little stressed!! I am aware this is my fault before anyone says.....

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Hi Sillylivvy,

Congratulations on having a date to get your license back, the end is now in sight!

With respect to my own experiences of home insurance, when I was living in a different city, I shopped around to find the best quotes available and stumbled upon Littlewoods. They didn’t really seem to care that I had a DR10 and if I remember correctly, it was around £150 for the year for full cover including contents cover and accidental damage.

With respect to car insurance, in October time last year when I first got my license back, I found 1st Central to give the best quotes by around £200 which didn’t require a black box to be fitted and I think it came in around £800 for the year. Now I am coming to the renewal time, with 1 year NCB and still needing to declare the DR10 (only for 6 months though), the renewal price is around £350.

Hope this helps!



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Hi Medicine Man.
Thanks for this! Sounds more promising.
I did a dummy online quote on 1st central and they said there was nothing.... my car isn’t massive - it’s a Audi a1 1.6 diesel. Do you think calling them is better?
I will give it another go once I have my licence back and then see.
I can’t wait to get back driving although a little worried - need to stay calm!!

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I think therein lies your problem; when originally doing quotes online for myself, I thought about selling my current car as I hated to see it just sat on the driveway gathering dust and reminding me of what I’d done (it’s a 1.2 so nothing special). Getting quotes for anything above a 1.4 was extremely difficult (probably due to my age and driving history), and anything I did manage to get a quote on was well into the thousands. It’s all about risk with these people and A1s are now popular cars, so combined with a DR10, they are entitled to ramp up the prices as they essentially have you in a corner.

The best approach, like you said, is to give any potential insurance company a call up as it always pays to speak to a human! Adrian Flux also has some good reviews on here and LV seems to be good as well if you don’t get any joy from 1st Central. You may though have to prepare yourself to take a hit for a year or two before you don’t have to declare your conviction.

Good luck on your hunt!

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