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High Risk Offender Scheme

I was hoping someone knew more about the HRO scheme. I have read the details about the categories but unsure why X has been placed on the HRO scheme. X received a ban last week for 12 months reduced to 9 months on completion of the Rehabilitation Course.

There was no failure to supply. Breath test given (failed) and then blood test given. Reading was 170 in blood so this is below the 200 level required to be placed in the HRO scheme.

This was a first offence in the last 10 years so that doesn't apply either. However, I'm not sure if I'm reading this correctly or not. Is it the LAST 10 years or ANY 10 year period ever?

X was banned from driving DR10 in 1981 and again in 1984. Obviously these were both in a ten year period. Would this lead him to be placed on the HRO scheme even though these offences were 30 plus years ago?

We're in Scotland though think the HRO details are the same whether in England or Scotland.
Many thanks
I take it that 'x' has received a letter from DVLA to say that he is an HRO?
did X do a medical after his ban was complete in 1984? He should have, but there were some mistakes made when DVLA did not pick up the HRO status and simply returned the licence. If he did not do a medical then, DVLA may now have picked it up and now want him to do a medical for the '2 in 10 years ' in 81 and 84.
I have seen this applied to. Convictions going back 15 years, but 21 would set a new record.....!
you are right to say that the criteria is that if, at the time of the offence, the person has been disqualified for a drink drive offence within the preceding 10 years, then they are HRO.
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Hi Thanks for responding. Sorry don't mean to be vague. He is my partner. No he didn't do the medical when he got his licence back. I think the first offence was even in 1979 and second one in 1983/4 when he got a 3 year ban for second offence. So he definitely has 2 convictions in 10 years but these were over 30 years ago.

His actual licence is(was) now clean and no mention of past offences was made in court. Yes, he received a letter through from DVLA 3 days after his court appearance saying he was in the HRO offender category.

We thought it was an error as thought other offences had to be within previous 10 years but obviously this is not the case. If you know of cases going back beyond 10 years then they must just be going back forever.

ah well, he's just glad the actual length of ban was not longer.
I have come up with the best scenario that I can, and with him not doing a medical back in 1983 that is probably the reason ...... but I would check with DVLA as to exactly why they view him as HRO. Is is also conceivable that either the court supplied the wrong code or reading, or that someone else has had their conviction recorded against your partners DVLA record and they therefore think he has 2 convictions in the last 10 years.
The helpline number is: 0300 790 6806
He will have to ring himself as they will not discuss it with a third party. Let us know the outcome, as it may assist others in the same position.
Just an update. He called DVLA and they said the Court have notified them that the reading was in breath whereas it was in blood. This makes sense as he would then have been way way over had it been a breath reading. Have contacted them the court for them to rectify so hopefully this will be done soon.
thanks for letting us know. It is a simple mistake, but I wonder why they did not query a 12 month ban for a breath reading of 170 with the court when it came in. I know solicitors can do a good job of talking the length of ban downwards, but to get it that far down would have needed a miracle, not a solicitor....!
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