DVLA Coronavirus (COVID-19) update: DVLA are now processing paper applications, however these will take longer to process as the DVLA are working with reduced staff to meet social distancing requirements. If your application requires medical information or examinations there are likely to be delays also.
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New member
Can any 1 help me understand the Dvla medical as I have to go for a urine test because I had a drug problem years ago and was applying for my class 2 a couple of weeks ago and told them I was smoking cannabis until 3 1/2 yr ago and now the said I have to do a Dvla medical or they will revoke my license can they do this ?


TTC Group
They can revoke your licence if you refuse to do the medical.
Why would you not want to? Have you used cannabis recently?


New member
No I haven’t but I have been round people who have , I dnt have a drug problem anymore , but was wanting to know why they would revoke me license if I dnt go .


Well-known member
The simple answer is yes they can revoke your licence if you've admitted to using drugs especially if you are a HGV driver looking to renew, this is what happened to me however I admitted to drinking in excess, I was looking to renew my HGV licence had my D2 medical where I told the doctor I was drinking 30 units a week, wrote to my GP found there was an entry level of dependence noted in 2006, I applied for my HGV licence in the October and then they revoked me in January......