Help with HGV entitlement Please.

Convicted Driver Insurance
Hi,I was a cocaine addict and had both class 1 and 2. I was sick of taking drugs and wanted to change my life.i started doing this abut 18 months ago and with the help of family,doctor and attending a walk in drug rehab,I am 100% clean and very proud to be able to say that now.
Obviously I,m not so proud of the risks I took before this but fortunately for myself and others I was never involved in any accidents that were a consequence of drug use.
When I originally approached my doctor I also volunteered the information of drug use to Dvla,they responded by revoking my license,including car and motorbike for a 3 year period.I was gutted,and felt it unfair,wondered what I was going to do,and felt very low over it.Drivings been my life for over 20 yrs.I felt after some consideration that perhaps this was a good thing in a way and that I,d use the time constructively to get myself sorted out.It took over a year and after a lot of tooing and frowing I,ve just received my license back.
However,DVLA in their wisdom have not included my hgv entitlements.This seems very harsh to me,I understand to a degree,but am also a little flummoxed at this decision to allow me to drive a car,trailer,and motorbike and still refuse me my entitlement to be able to work again.
Surely if I was a risk to other road users I should have been refused the lot?
If I am a risk then am I not a risk in or on any vehicle?
Could you please tell me if you think that I have any kind of case against this decision?
Thank you for your time and reading.
Best regards
I know it’s the obvious thing to do,but thought perhaps asking for advice first was the better thing to do.
I realise that on writing this perhaps you,d like to know more from them first and I apologise for not doing this first.
Hello Martin,
Well,it appears that when I was invited to reapply for my license they sent me a car application instead of a D2.
Thinking that I was applying for my license and that I would receive the license I had originally back I really didn’t think anything of it and sent that back.
The advisor told me that because they’d sent this out I would now need to to apply again!?
Partially my fault,but I do feel they have some responsibility,considering my whole appeal originally was for my HGV.
I,m guessing they might object to the new application but perhaps if they do I will have some grounds for appeal.
Any thoughts?
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