Help with financial means and early guilty plea

Hi there,

I was caught drink driving on the 6th January, and i have just received my court details requiring me to attend on the 26th March.

I have two questions:

Firstly, i am a student, and so i am having some difficulty with the financial means form. I obviously not employed, but i do receive student finance (student loan that i'll have to pay back) and an NHS bursary (that I will not have to pay back). Should i just declare myself as unemployed or do I need to declare either of those incomes? I feel the student finance is unlikely to be relevant as it's a loan, but the NHS bursary i am less sure about.

Secondly, on my charge sheet, it mentions I can write to the prosecutor/court to enter an early guilty plea. As i intend to plead guilty, how would I go about this, and what information do I need to include?

Many thanks for your help.
Student finance is not considered as the 'relevant weekly income'. You can find a definition and guidance on the sentencing council website:

The earliest stage at which a guilty plea can be entered is at the first appearance. Maximum credit should be applied for entering a guilty plea at that hearing. Yo should concentrate on issues such as previous good character, your personal background and the impact the penalty will have on you.
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