Convicted Driver Insurance Quotes


So today was my hearing and my first time in court.

The whole experience wasn’t as bad as I expected and I was pleased I chose to have a solicitor represent me as I was unsure of protocol and he was able to put over the best mitigation possible to my guilty plea.

With this being my first offence, cooperated with police, showed remorse and entered a guilty plea ASAP, I was given a £580 fine and a 19 month driving ban with a reduction of 19 weeks after completing the rehabilitation course; I think this was very fair bearing in mind there was a minor accident.

Secondly. As i’m now banned I need to notify my insurance who i’d expect will revoke my policy BUT with my car being hire purchase it HAS to be insured - what are my options?


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Being banned doesn't mean your insurance company will revoke your policy. It just means you aren't allowed
to drive your vehicle. However, you must inform them of your disqualification.
Do you have a wife or partner who is named on your insurance policy as another driver?
I was in a similar situation years ago.
My insurance company let the policy continue with only my wife being allowed to drive the car.
During my disqualification my wife didn't use the car so it was parked on my drive however, the
insurance still covered against fire and theft etc.
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