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Hello can someone please help, I was in my friends house asleep when I get a phone call off my mother saying the police were outside her address and that I had blocked someone’s drive who was trying to get out for work so I panicked and moved my car to the other side of the road and the police saw me and arrested me up for drink driving.

I work for a courier company, don’t have any convictions in the past and have never been arrested before do you think I have any chance of being punished lightly?
The minimum ban for drink driving is 12 months however that is heavily dependent on the level of reading produced. It may be possible to advance a 'special reasons' argument on the basis that you had driven a very short distance. If this is accepted then the court can decide not to impose a ban. This is very much dependent on the details surrounding what happened and I would advise you take legal advice from a specialist.
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