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Help and Advice needed


First of all I just wanted to say thanks in advance for taking the time to post help to people like myself.

I was caught drink driving on Friday evening after stupidly deciding to try and drive home after a work night out. I was arrested and spent the night in the cells before being bailed the following afternoon. My charge sheet says that I blew a 99 reading.

From doing some reading I see that I'd be looking at a ban in the range of 23-28 months in addition to fine and probably community service. Is this correct?

I intend to plead guilty hold my hands up and admit my mistake, show remorse and insist that it will never happen again. I'm hoping that this, along with this being my first offence and that I was co-operative at the time and there was no damage caused, will go in my favour.

What I'm struggling to understand is the best way to proceed before my court date, which is 3 weeks from tomorrow and I was hoping to get some advice in regards to this?

Bearing in mind that I'm going to plead guilty would you suggest attempting to find a solicitor to represent me or would the duty solicitor on the day be sufficient? and if the duty solicitor is the route i go down, would I need to contact them somehow prior to the court appearance in order to submit my guilty please as early as possible and to go over my circumstances.

Is there anything you would recommend to help my case such as personal references (if so, who from?) or anything else? if i was proactive and looked into some form of alcohol rehabilitation prior to the court date would that be looked upon favourably?

Lastly, in terms of the means tested fine, is there guidance anywhere on how my means are calculated? I am a financial contractor and essentially I'm employed by my own ltd company as a director on a smaller salary amount and then pay myself additional funds via expenses/dividends and I want to be sure I'm providing the correct information and not getting myself into more trouble by incorrectly providing wrong info.

Thank you very much again for your help.
Hi Sean, I’m not sure if you’ve seen this message or not but if so please could you offer some advice as I’m a little worried that if I need to be taking action I don’t want to leave it too late.

You are correct in thinking that a ban of between 23 and 28 months will be likely with a reading of 99µg of alcohol per 100ml of breath. Your reading falls into a bracket where a community order will also be imposed.

Representation is certainly recommended and in my view you should seek representation ion advance. A Duty Solicitor will not be available until the day of the hearing and you will not be able to prepare your case in advance. A proactive approach will stand you in good stead with the court and addressing any underlying issues that may have led to this happening is certainly a positive. Character references from friends, family or ideally anyone in a position of responsibility can assist.

If a community order is imposed then that will be in the alternative to a fine. I would recommend getting in touch with a specialist on 0333 200 9862.
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