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Have to retake medical


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Looking for advice to see if anyone else has experienced this? I had my medical on Tuesday 24th April and all seemed to go well. I hadn't drank this year other than a few pints on March 31st at a 40th which I deeply regretted at the time.

I'm on holiday this week and next and as ive now been hoping this is all behind me I've been having 4 or 5 pints a night since Saturday although I've stopped again since Wednesday night as I'd been in touch with DVLA.

I called on Wednesday on the off chance that my results were through. The response I got was I had to book my appointment again as my bloods hadn't been taken to the satisfaction of the medical team. Basically they'd been contaminated. Are they at it? Has anyone else experienced this?

I'm due to get my licence back on May 27th and I need it urgently for my job. DVLA said they'd prioritise my case but it took me a month just to get my appointment last time.

Should I be worried about failing the CDT this time? I'm worried sick to the pit of my stomach.

I should add that DVLA are paying this time as I'd done nothing wring.
It will not be DVLA’s fault, they just get the result from the lab. It will either be that the doctor did not seal the sample in a way that eliminated the possibility of tampering or that it was damaged in transit. Either way it resulted in the lab saying that there was, or there was the possibility of, contamination.
what you drank over the 5 dats could elevate your CDT, but only for a short term. I think your best bet would be to arrange for a further test on about the 16th May. That gives 2 weeks for the CDT to settle back, and 10 days for DVLA to consider the result and issue you with a licence for the 27th May. chase DVLA for the result on 21st May and every day after that.........


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Thanks for the advice. Only problem I have is once I get my letter I'll probably have to wait around 3 weeks til i even get an appointment with my local examiner due to the capacity they have at their practice. I asked if I could be given a priority appointment but they can't do anything for me. On the plus side it'd give my levels time to recover but it'll likely take me into the middle of June.
If there is that sort of a delay, ask DVLA to offer you a different doctor, they will usually accommodate this.
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