GP enquires completed what next..?

Convicted Driver Insurance


Hi, I submited all my forms to DVLA on 31st of march along with correct fee's answering all the questions totally honestly which confirms treatments for conditions and alcohol dependency within the last 6 years
My history is licence suspended on medical grounds prior to prosecution for drinkdriving reached court in 2010 I was 5 times over the limit.
The DVLA wrote to my GP with 14 pages of forms covering all my historic medical conditions and drink dependency history.
I am now 18 months abbstinent, on zero medication and all medical conditions are now satisfactorily managed and better with no treatment needed or requested over the last 3 years, this information I demonstrated in my answers on my forms.
My GP requested an appointment with me prior to filling in the forms and appeared to indicate that in her opinion I was fit to drive and that all my recent blood tests confirmed my abbstinence from alcohol.
My GP returned the form yesterday. My question is will the DVLA make a decision from my information and hers, or will they still require me to attend a DVLA medical examination?
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