Ggt v cdt


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Can I ask the following:

it it is stated that CDT is:
adopted by the Secretary of State's Honorary Medical Advisory Panel as the sole test for assessing harmful use of alcohol for high risk offenders.”

What does “sole” mean in this context ? I ask because I see a lot of people talking about their GGT levels, which are a different thing? I would intend to be entirely tee-total at least a year before taking any DVLA tests. Do the DVLA require tests other that CDT? Would any other tests also be clear by total permanent abstinence?
The sole test means just that, it is the only test for several years now that DVLA rely on to assess fitness to drive as regards alcohol. It used to be a “liver function test, where 4 markers were checked, including GGT. Some GP’s still have liver function tests carried out on their patients as a general liver test, hence you see people quoting them on here.
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