Getting caught/convicted of drink driving can be a very stressful experience

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We understand that getting caught/convicted for/of drinking and driving can be a very stressful and humiliating experience. Yes, you made a mistake and now you have to deal with the consequences.

It can be a very worrying time. Not only do you have to endure being arrested by the police and spending time in a police cell before being fingerprinted, photographed and a DNA sample taken, you are then bailed to appear before a magistrates court.

You will almost definitely get a driving ban if convicted and possibly:
  • points on your license
  • a community punishment order (which can include supervision, unpaid work(between 40 and 300 hours) a curfew order with electronic tag or a combination of these)
  • a hefty fine & court costs
  • in extreme cases a prison sentence.
You can find out what the magistrates sentencing guidelines are regarding drinking and driving and other motor related offences here: Drink Driving | Magistrates Court | Sentences.

Once you have been through the criminal justice system and received your sentence you are then faced with life without being able to drive for a long while. Many people also lose their jobs as a result of a drink driving conviction, this can have disastrous consequences and a knock on effect which could lead to loss of a persons financial security and inevitably an entire change of lifestyle. Of course the stress of all this could also lead to problems in and a possible breakdown of a relationship as well.

It only takes a second to decide to drive a vehicle once you have had a drink but the possible consequences can last a lifetime!! DONT DO IT!!

This section of the forum is for people to share their experiences, worries and concerns about anything and eveything to do with a drink driving conviction in the UK.
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