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Hi Martin,

I have been charged with drink driving & failure to stop at the scene of an accident.


- I blew 78 microgrammes and have crashed into 1 car which caused damage to another 1. Luckily, nobody has been injured from the crash.
- After the crash I left the scene due to numerous people leaving their homes running towards me seemingly agressive. I was found by police later on another street
- This is my first time offence

Realistically what would I be looking at? should I be expecting time in prison for this? Also, must I tell work about this? Driving is not required for my job as currently WFH with the business recently announcing WFH will be a long term thing. What are the examples of community orders that could come from my crimes?

Any help would be appreciated, particularly in regards to what i should be expecting for a sentence.


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just for clarity, there was nobody in the cars at the time. Both were parked and stationery.

Martin Hammond

Good morning,

Custody is always an option for the Court but at that reading with a good lawyer I would hope it could be avoided, even with an accident and a short spell leaving the scene, I think high end community order and a lengthy ban are achievable.

Community punishment's can come in lots of forms but the most common for this type of offence would be a work requirement.

As to telling your employer I could not answer an employment law question but I suspect your employment contract will have the answer.

I hope this helps.
Kind regards


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thanks for your help,

by high end community order does that mean x amount of hours completing community service? is there a chance i could be offered the awareness course as well?
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