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Hi Martin,

Firstly thank you for all your advice on here. It has been helpful reading through.

I got caught drink driving on Friday after having an accident and have a court date for June 28th. I have been assured by the police and solicitor that I spoke to at the station that I’m not looking at a prison sentence. Either points and a fine but more likely a ban. I fully accept my mistake and take responsibility for what I did however I’ve never been through anything like this. I have no previous convictions. But I am still incredibly worried about potentially facing a prison sentence.

After reading posts on here and other pages I’m not sure whether having a solicitor would help? I was wondering what the benefits are. I intend to plead to guilty as its fully my responsibility.

any help or advice would be greatest welcome.


Hi Martin,

Thanks for your quick reply.

It was 108 micro grams of alcohol in 100 ml of breath, which I’m aware is a high reading and that’s why I’m incredibly worried at the moment.

Martin Hammond


Well firstly the advice you have recieved thus far isn't great.

It certainly won't be points and a fine as points are unavailable for this offence.

The sentencing guidelines for this reading would be for community punishment and a disqualification, but with a crash involved it will be treated far more seriously.

As to your question as to needing a solicitor or not, I do not belive that the Court would deal with your guilty plea without having a solicitor present given the serious nature of the offence.

I hope this helps

Best regards


Thank you Martin,

Do you think it being treated more seriously it could possibly result in a custodial sentence? I can accept the disqualification and community punishment but I am very concerned about a custodial sentence and if that is a possibility then would a solicitor be advisable?

thanks again.
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