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First Drink Drive Offence


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I've had the worst experience of my life to date. I left a dinner that ended abruptly and was planning on leaving the next day/early afternoon.
I was pulled over and breathalysed to my surprise I failed. Probably most peoples's reaction.. I only drank 2 small red wines and a fruit juice punch.
I blew 46 and was charged with drink driving.

My court date's been set for the end of the month..

Please help.

Many Thanks
For a first offence with a reading of 46 in breath the Magistrates sentencing guidelines advise the imposition of a 12-16 month disqualification and a Band C fine. You should also be offered the drink drive rehabilitation course which will reduce the length of the disqualification by up to 25% upon completion.

You can look to present mitigation to the Magistrates to try and keep the sentence down to the lower end of the bracket, this can be based both on the circumstances of the offence as well as the impact that any sentence will have on you or others. As you may have seen from other posts, there is currently on-going action from many solicitors who are refusing to take on any legal aid work after further government cuts. This is having a significant impact on the duty solicitors as they are now trying to advise and represent everyone at Court, which is usually impossible. This is not to try and scare you into instructing someone privately, but you should be aware of the potential issues that may arise.

If you are looking for representation then you are welcome to contact my department on 0333 999 7158.
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