First Drink drive offence - EU Driving licence


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I would like to ask for advice what to do. Here is my case:

I have been pulled over because I forgot to put my lights on (10.30pm - plenty of street lights around) and simply been given breath test. i had few beers before, did not pass the test and my breath test at the station showed 0,049 I think...I was told it is not too much over limit but I still have to be charged. Now I have to attend the court on the 10th of July - in one week already. I am from Manchester and the offence happened in London while I was there on the course. I have to attend London court now which will cause massive inconvenience and involve some cost as well. The other thing is - I have EU driving licence, not UK (Slovakia) and I am in the UK for about 8 years now. I red on the .gov website that I can drive on EU licence till age of 79 so I never bothered to change it. Hope this is not a problem.

I had one fine for speeding and one for red light before - are the points indicated on my EU driving licence in any way? Or not?

Also is it possible to change the Court to take place in Manchester rather than London?

Because of the custody I have missed important lessons of my course which was also very expensive and it has affected my results. What I want to say is basically I have been paying for my stupidity in several ways already. Dont know whether to mention all that at the court or it would not matter anyway?

Also what can I expect as a punishment for that? Is there any way how to reduce the sentence to minimum? Or even not to get a sentence at all?

Thank you, all help really appreciated

Apologies for the delay in responding. It appears that you have been to court by now. If you were charged on the basis of a reading of around 49µg of alcohol per 100ml of breath then this would mean you should have been sentenced to a ban of between 12 to 16 months together with a fine. You may have also been offered the chance to complete a drink driving rehabilitation course which can reduce the ban by up to 25%.

Your EU licence should not have caused you a problem as you are entitled to use that in place of a UK licence. The impact a ban and the penalty as a whole will have on you can sometimes help provide the court with the full picture of how the penalty will affect you however, a ban cannot be avoided if pleading guilty as the offence carries a mandatory ban.

Please feel free to respond with details of your penalty if you wish to consider its appropriateness.
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