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False Conviction - No Correspondence


New member

I just received (05/08/16) a letter form DVLA informing me I have been convicted of a driving offence on the 27/07/16. No other detailes excpet for a link where one can check penalty points. So I have called DVLA and they have informed me that I have been convicted of the following:

  • CU20: Causing or likely to cause danger by reason of use of unsuitable vehicle or using a vehicle with parts or accessories (excluding brakes, steering or tyres) in a dangerous condition
  • Penalty points: 3
  • Fine: £440.00
  • LC20: Driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence
  • Penalty points: 0
Offences date: 19 Dec 2015

[h=4]Court/Fixed penalty office- South East London Magistrates’ Court[/h][h=4]This is definitely an error, as I haven't been stopped by the police in years. I tried to explain it to DVLA and they gave a number from South East London Magistrates Court to call them, but this number is always busy or no one is answering and no answering machine or voice mail option (called over 40 times).[/h][h=4]I am very surprised by the whole thing for a few reasons:[/h]
-I have not been stopped by the police
-I did not receive any letters from South East London Magistrates’ Court
-South East London Magistrates’ Court does not pick up the phone

Please advise how I should approach this and how could I proove to them that it was not me that was stopped by the police.
Should I keep trying to contact them by phone? Or should I write to them? Do not even know to who to write exactly as I do not have any correspondence from them and they do not appear online under the name of South East London Magistrates' Court.

Many thanks!
I would advise contacting the DVLA again to ascertain exactly which Court dealt with the case (ask for an address as well as the name). I presume that it would have been Bromley Magistrates that dealt with the matter but I cannot say for certain.

Once you are aware of which Court dealt with the matter you can search for their contact details online. If the Court are not responding to phone calls then emails or letters are your best option.

You will need to make a statutory declaration at Court. This is simply a case of attending Court and explaining that you had no knowledge of the prosecution and were therefore not able to respond to the summons that would have been sent. It may be worth clarifying whether the Court have your correct address, or whether you have any issues with your post that could explain why you have not received any information.