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Failure to provide a specimen

I'm hoping someone may be able to tell me what I'm in for.

Last Friday, had a couple of drinks, decided to drive home and had an RTC with a stationary vehicle, the police were contacted who promptly arrived, where I refused a roadside breathalyser test, I was then arrested and taken to the local police station where I once again refused to be breathalysed and was subsequesntly charged with failure to provide speciment for analysis - vehicle driver?

I've only beendriving 13 months, I have no previous offences, I'm the sole earner for my household and fully employed and have been with the same company for nearly ten years, this whole thing is very out of character for me.
An allegation of failing to provide a specimen carries a penalty of between 12 and 36 months. Given that there is no reading to go off, the penalty is dependant on the facts in the case. Here, the court will consider this as a deliberate refusal and will see that it is further aggravated by an accident. I would suggest you would most likely fall into a bracket where a ban of between 17 and 28 months will be imposed. Your mitigation can potentially help keep that as low as possible but you are also at risk of a community order.

You should contact a solicitor to speak about your case in more detail.
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