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Good morning

Back in July 2019, I was involved in a minor RTA whereby a motorcyclist bumped into my car at approximately 10mph. The impact was so minor and I was aware that it wasn't my fault but I completely panicked and didn't pull over to exchange details. I know now that this was a terrible mistake and I cannot justify it

After many adjourned court hearings, I'm finally due in on 16th January, and I'm sick with worry at the thought of standing up in front of the magistrates. I have decided against legal assistance as i've pleaded guilty and don't think they can do much for my case.

What I would like help with if possible is some advice about preparing for the day, what should I expect? What will happen when I get in there? Will I have to give my account of the whole accident to the magistrates? I'm not a confident speaker out loud and am worried I wont come across in a respectful manner. Should I take in notes? Character references?

Also what sentence could I possibly be looking at? as stated above, the damage was very minor, no body was hurt.

Any help would be very much appreciated

'An accident occurred, whereby damage was caused to a vehicle and not having given your name and details' - there are 2, CCCJS code RT88220 and RT88221

If you are being charged with fail to stop at an accident you are looking at two punishments. The first will be either points or a disqualification, the second can be a number of things but will usually be a fine.

I cannot tell you everything about what could happen as I would be typing all week. The main thing to know is that it won't be half as bad as you are imagining. Yes, you should explain to them what happened and why you left the scene and then tell them about your personal circumstances.

Taking notes of what you want to say will help and yes if you have good references that you can take they will help.

Lastly speak to the duty solicitor. They will represent you with no charge although you may have to wait longer on the day.

Best of luck.

Just wanted to pop on a follow up with what happened. Firstly it really wasn't as bad as I thought, you were right! I made sure I was there early, asked for the duty solicitor straight away and within minutes we were in a private room discussing the case. The charge of leaving the scene of an accident was dropped, and I was charged with not reporting the accident. The duty solicitor was absolutely brilliant and made me feel at ease and put my case forward to the magistrates. I pleaded guilty and was handed 8 penalty points and a £567 fine. I was in and out in less then 10 minutes. Had I not had the duty solicitor I think I would have struggled addressing the magistrates myself, the room itself is quite intimidating seeing it for the first time but everyone in there including the usher were really kind towards me.
Its a big blow in one respect but I also feel so grateful that it's all over now and I can move on with my life, very carefully ofcourse!

Hope this helps anyone who has an upcoming court hearing. Go in smartly, with your head held high and if pleading guilty seek a duty solicitor if you don't have your own. They really are a tremendous help.
Good luck :)
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