Failed medical examination for re-application of driving licence.

My colleague has recently failed the Medical Examination to re-apply for his driving licence.

This was over a month ago. A letter was sent to his GP, who completed the form and returned it, without speaking to him.

We find it a little bit hard to believe that he failed, and after personal research, it turns out my colleague used to be on prescribed medication as a child, for acne. One of the side effects of the medication, if used for a long time, is liver damage. I am not saying this is the reason for a failure, but surely there must be a case to argue here?

We have been in touch with the DVLA, and are getting nowhere, with regard to when they will make a decision on wether he can drive again or not. He has a new job starting on 13th May 2013, which requires a Driving Licence, obviously he has told them of the situation, and the position is now held open until 28th June 2013.

He is feeling a bit left in the dark here, as his GP isn't exactly playing ball, and nothing has been heard from the DVLA. I said it is time to start getting a solicitor involved, and get some legal help.

Can you please advise?

It is possible to contest a DVLA decision but I would need to know what basis the licence had been refused on. I would be able to contact the DVLA to find out whether his licence was to be returned and then if not, to discuss on what grounds it had been refused.

If you would like to discuss this further please call my office on 0845 002 0736 and ask to speak to Alex.
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