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Failed DVLA medical and refused license, what are good grounds for appeal?


Yes so I had a 28 month ban which should have been reduced to 21 months because I did the DDR rehabilitation course. But I failed the DVLA medical with a CDT level of 5.8 and got a letter in April saying they were refusing to give me a license. Since then I have stopped drinking altogether so I've got no doubt that at least I will be able to pass the CDT test, but not sure what to do, should I appeal at the magistrates court? Not sure what valid grounds are for an appeal, for instance, my children are suffering more than me because of my driving ban, but not sure if that counts for anything.

The DDR rehabilitation course I did was very good and I doubt very much that I will ever drink and drive again, if I am ever allowed to drive again, but interestingly the only advice they gave about the medical test was to take more vitamin B and D.

Really just want to know what is the best approach, don't want to mess up!

You can appeal to the Magistrates court that disqualified you against a DVLA decision to refuse your licence restoration in April, BUT from your CDT result it seems that the decision was perfectly correct. What you are not happy with is that in May you think you will now pass the CDT test. One of the other reasons for refusing your licence back is if you have been alcohol dependent in the past 3 years or misused alcohol in the past 12 months, although these could be mitigated by other positive medical information.
Your CDT score was high and would seem to indicate an alcohol problem, what did DVLA say in their refusal letter about how long should elapse before you can re apply? Even if they said 6 months, you might well only get a 12 month licence with a further medical after that.
I would be surprised if a DDRS course provider did not say about cutting down, or indeed elimination alcohol, prior to the medical, not just about taking vitamin tablets. At TTC we certainly do go through this when discussing how to get your licence back.
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