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Thomas J

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Hi Sir, my case is fail to provide Specimen for analysis while drink excess alcohol but driven just 0.06 miles from home to rescue my wife who was followed by two drunken people. First time conviction. Do you think I can skip with very minimal punishment. Can you suggest me please, how much I have to pay for a private solicitor to represent me in court. what will be the minimum and maximum punishment and is it worth to pay for a private solicitor.

Thomas J

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It happened this New year day when I drunk all night without sleeping from late night until morning. Then I got my wife's frightened call and rush to the spot which is less than 0.05 miles. During this rescue operation, police stopped me and I was drunk obviously and was tired of sleepless night as well. More over I was frightened and panic and may be didn't understand what they are asking for. I was literally in a native house dress which is unfit for the public and weather in UK. All these made me a stupid that time and I don't know what was the conversation. On my way to the station I became blackout in the police van and can't remember what happened there in the station and when I wake up I was in a cell. They released me that night by around 21:00 on the same day.
The charges on me are Section 7(6) of the road traffic Act 1988 under section 3A, 4, 5 OR 5A
I was drunk and sleepy. could you please tell me what all the offences they are going to charge me here.
Is there any other offences in this or just fail to provide specimen while driving only. If I have a private solicitor will it be any impact on my mitigation. If so how much I have to pay for the solicitor. What could be the minimum and maximum punishment for this.
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Martin Hammond

Thank you for that information.

Unfortunately the Courts will treat this very seriously. You were clearly intoxicated and seemed to have deliberately refused. I dont think the fact you were attempting to rescue your wife will assist a great deal as you did not call the police or a taxi etc. Also you are not accused of dink driving you are accused of failing to provide a specimen when asked.

I do think having a solicitor will make a very big difference in your case as you need the best mitigation you can get to avoid the serious punishments which can be imposed.

As to costs I can't really speak to what others charge for offences of this nature but if it assists I can get one of my team to call you today to tell you how we would deal with this and what our charges would be?

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Thomas J

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Thanks, Can you please ask someone to call me on my number 07402933504, Tomorrow.
Please tell them to explain me what they can do for me and what will be their fee. Thank you for your support.
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